Interactive Marketers, the New Stick in the Muds?

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by: Karl Long

Is the web really moving so fast that the recently, bold, innovative, interactive marketers are now the “traditional” media? Are they obsessed with RIA/Flash based “orgies” for the senses and missing the boat a little on the “new” marketing, the conversational marketing, the blog marketing, the social software etc.

I was listening to a rant the other day on Joseph Jaffe’s podcast, and the rantee kept saying a phrase that brought back memories of the heady days of the dotcom era, namely “they just don’t get it”. Now, i’ve got mixed feelings about that phrase, because in many cases it came to represent the hubris and aragonce that would sometimes creep into the culture of these agencies. But that being said, the successful interactive agencies probably have some structural and cultural problems that will get in the way of them jumping on this next wave.

From a recent report from Forrester, Interactive Marketers had this to say:

"Just 13% reported using blogs or social networks in marketing, and 49% said they had no plans to do so in the next year."

If that’s the marketers then what hope do the clients have? Talk about the blind leading the blind.

Mind you, if you then read this article here it seems that McKinsey is taking a leadership position in getting some old and new media leaders to get together in New York. Mind you in support of the idea that what used to be new media is now traditional take a read of this quote:

"McKinsey, the management consultancy, is understood to have asked senior executives from old and new media groups alike ?��Ǩ��� from Yahoo to YouTube."

From “Yahoo to YouTube” that’s pretty funny. I wonder if anyone from technorati is going?

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