Study: Advertisers Hope to Link Games to Sites

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via: Business and Games blog

BrandWeek: "As gamers connect consoles to the Internet, advertisers are expected to seize the opportunity by offering direct links to their Web sites, the report by ABI Research said. It said that the phenomenon will make Internet advertising leap beyond the already impressive mark made by static ads in games."

And how would that work? Do they really expect people to stop playing whatever game is on (on a console, not even a PC) to go to an external app? Web pages designed to work on TVs and with a non-keyboard input devices — are advertisers going to go through the trouble?

Transactions from within the game tied to the gameplay, maybe. Bookmarks for later access, maybe. A direct website link from a console game? No way, unless there's a very strong game-related incentive, like. maybe, a unique power-up.

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