Future: Technology Recognizes Shopping Intent

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by: Ilya Vedrashko

With military technology having a way of trickling down to civilian uses, this piece from the New Scientist Tech (paid sub) sounds interesting:

"The computer that is processing the data from these hidden sensors is not searching for explosives, knives, guns or contraband. Instead, it is working on a much tougher problem: whether you are thinking about committing a terrorist act, either imminently, or at sometime during your stay in the US."

"[Project Hostile Intent] aims to identify facial expressions, gait, blood pressure, pulse and perspiration rates that are characteristic of hostility or the desire to deceive. Then the idea is to develop "real-time, culturally independent, non-invasive sensors."

This is the future where store doors will analyze each entering customer's biometrics, cross-reference them with the purchase history and whatever other personal info is on file, and then have the digital signage or robo-clerks to customize the sales pitch just so.

– via Danger Room

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