'Touch' is definitely the new paradigm

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by: Dominic Basulto

It's not only innovative technology companies like Apple and Microsoft that are rolling out cool new touch screen applications. Ralph Lifschitz Ralph Lauren recently announced plans to roll out a touch screen application that completely re-defines what it means to do a little window-shopping.

Engadget reports on a touchscreen innovation in the center of London:

"Alright, the whole touchscreen thing is getting a little out of hand. In the latest example of touch-frenzy, luxe clothier Ralph Lauren is converting a large window at its London flagship store into a giant touchscreen shopping experience as part of its Wimbledon marketing campaign. Much like Microsoft's Surface Table, the 78-inch window is coated with touch-sensitive foil, and the image is beamed onto it by a hidden projector — allowing users to purchase Ralph's latest duds and even take in a tennis lesson or two. Purchases are paid for via phone or email the next day — so you can't explain away that $75 pink polo by saying you accidentally brushed the screen."

[image: Engadget via Switched]

Original post: http://endlessinnovation.typepad.com/endless_innovation/2007/06/the-touch-parad.html