by: John Caddell

John Jantsch's blog "Duct Tape Marketing," focused on the small businessperson, pops up with a killer post on occasion (the rest of the time, it's a bit too commercial, with lots of plugs for his book and others' products). One of the really good posts was yesterday: "Are You Investing in Long Term Marketing?"

In it, he challenges entrepreneurs to focus on the marketing projects that will pay off in the long run--even if in the short run they seem to drain away lots of time. They include

  • content (blogs, white papers, etc.)
  • connection (deeper ties with prospects, colleagues, influencers, mentors, etc.)
  • community (board engagements, local fundraising, etc.)

When I read this post and looked back at the (short) history of my business, I realized that I've gotten every single client via my Rolodex. No exceptions. Either they've been a direct contact or referred by a direct contact. How does my Rolodex grow? By meeting people and gaining their trust through content, connection or community.

Meaning, for me, if I'm making a marketing investment that's not focused on expanding the value or size of my Rolodex, it's simply misplaced.

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