xbox and yahoo games have very different interaction

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by: Lynette Webb

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I like this quote for two reasons.

First, it emphasises that for many players there IS communication in these games, they’re social.

Second, it’s a reminder that you shouldn’t generalise when describing ‘games’, just like you shouldn’t generalise when describing TV. There is as much – if not more – diversity in game playing experiences as there is across TV shows. Even within the same game people can use it very differently. For example, some people mostly use SecondLife as a place to meet people, interact, role play. Whereas others (like me) use it most as a kind of ‘uncharted world’ to explore and very seldom even see another person let alone talk to them.

The quote is attributed to Ralph Rivera, VP and general manager of AOL Games, and comes from a recent NYT article.…

Image from Flickr CC thanks to annalisa.