by: Dick Stroud

Web 2.0 is a mass phenomenon, concludes a survey conducted by Booz Allen Hamilton. The survey claims that 41% of UK Internet users already use Web 2.0 sites, to interact and participate with others in a massive worldwide community of users.

Web 2.0 is defined as applications that enable Internet users to exchange and process information, generate user content and the use of entertainment media through new channels

The report concludes that Web 2.0 usage is prevalent across all age groups and both sexes. I quote.

“Contrary to popular belief, this phenomenon is not just a ‘young male’ trend, people of all ages, both male and female are using these sites”. Although newer sites still have predominantly young user communities (50% of MySpace users are under the age of 25), a significant proportion fall into the older 35-49 age bracket (24%). The more established the site, the more balanced the age group using it – 25% of Amazon users are over the age of 50. Over time, sites such as MySpace and YouTube are expected to see a similar adoption trend.

I think that about says it all.

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