Blogs Are Not Important Individually but in Aggregate Are Powerful

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by: Lynette Webb 

I’d imagine this is obvious to anyone who is actively engaged in blogs, but there are still an awful lot of people who aren’t.

The whole ‘collectivism’ thing is something that is astonishing to some – it’s a whole different mindset. For example, a few weeks ago I showed a senior colleague my delicious tags, and illustrated how I could navigate around from my bookmarks to those of others. He nearly fell off his chair that a) it was possible, and b) so many people were openly sharing their ‘work’ like that.

Here’s the quote in full:
“Blogs are not necessarily important individually, but in aggregate they are massively powerful. The “blogosphere” pulls together what millions of talented people around the world are discovering and thinking. Collectively, blogs enable us to collaborate to filter and uncover the most worthwhile news…. the world of blogs allows makes visible our collective stream of consciousness”.
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Image from Flickr CC thanks again to Thomas Hawk