Second Life Lures Big Brother, Older Traffic

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By: Ilya Vedrashko

The reality show Big Brother is coming to Second Life, writes Reuters. More details on the dedicated website. The show will select 15 contestants to spend at least eight hours in a transparent house for one month. It begins on December 1.

It won't be the first in-game rendition of the show, though. Fan players of The Sims have put together a few seasons worth of in-game shows already. Here's one Sim Brother site with pictures and transcripts, and here's something of a compendium on the issue. and a random YouTubed episode. Here's a triple cross-over of The Sims, Big Brother and Survivor called Bobopolis.

On a loosely related note, HitWise notes the spike in traffic to Second Life's site, and more people over 45 have been visiting it over the past month: "The over 55 group grew to 15.05% of visitors, while the 18-24 group dropped 7 percentage points to 25.67%."

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