Ricky Gervais at Microsoft UK

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by: Alain Thys

Using celebrities in corporate training videos is something many internal communications departments dream of, yet if the videos below don't turn out to be a (expensive) hoax, it looks like Microsoft went out and did it by doing a number of interviews with Ricky Gervais from The Office.

According to the comments section on Ben Metcalfe's blog, the videos were created by the UK Agency Creative Direction for Microsoft UK as part of an internal communication effort. 

Like Ben, I sort of miss the context to really figure out what exactly the purpose of the interviews is supposed to be (yet then again, I also miss their context).  Still, if you're into The Office, you'll like this one for sure.  And if you happen to be working for Microsoft HR and can share how these communications fit in the broader context, don't hesitate to comment …

Thanks to Stefan for the tip!

Video 1

 Video 2