Babyboomers Beware … Dick Stroud is Watching

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Someone said to me the other day that the mere fact of belonging to an age group doesn’t make you a market.  Yet at the same time, many marketers do tend to forget that people beyond 50 still count as consumers (and pretty profitable ones too).  Dick Stroud is our newest contributor on the block who focuses on what happens in consumer land beyond fifty. 

As an accomplished author (“must read” The 50-Plus Market), Dick brings nuance to a market which by many is considered as “one grey mesh”.  Besides blogging, he also has a regular life, in which he acts as visiting lecturer at the London Business School, training course director at the Chartered Institute of Marketing, while running his own companies.  In the past Dick also worked for IBM and PA Management Consultants.  

We’re very happy to include Dick’s musings in our group of esteemed contributors and look forward to reading from him.  Over the coming weeks we’ll also be uploading his best posts from the past.