A Leap Too Far

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by: Dick Stroud 

An article from the Sydney Morning Herald discusses Australia’s retirement savings gap of $452 billion ($93,000 per person). This is the difference between the retirement people expect to have and what they are likely to receive. Underinvestment in pensions is a scourge of the Western World.

It was not the content of the article the caught my eye but the photo of the 50-plus Billy Elliot. I have spent some time in Australia and I have never seen one of country’s older guys doing a pirouette. Maybe I should have spent more time in Sydney’s Oxford Street (if you don’t know Australia you will not know what I am talking about).

It is a rather amusing failing of photo editors that they come up with the most inappropriate photos of older people. I had always put this down to either a wicked sense of humour or a youthful lack of understanding of the older psyche.

Yesterday I was attending a meeting that included choosing a bunch of photos to portray older people in their late 60s early 70s. The standard of the photo library material that is available is atrocious. I reckon there is a great opportunity for a photographer to create a library of contemporary older photographs.

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