Flickr Adds Geotagging

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by: Karl Long

Not long after a geotagging focused upstart Zooomr hit the scene, flickr has added a slew of geotagging features. Geotagging means that you can add geographic metadata to your photographs so people can see where your photos were taken, and it adds a fantastic dimension to the wonderful “folksonomic” feel of flickr.

The details of the new features are all laid out in this blog post, Great shot – where’d you take that? , and in some screencasts: how to geotag your own photos and searching and exploring geotagged photos.

I think this is a tremendously exciting addition to an already amazing service, and as more of this information gets captured more possibilities emerge. Imagine the intersection of the already rich, co-created metadata, time, tags, groups etc. and combine that with rich geographic information. Even more interesting will be when Geographic data is captured automatically, which is already available on mid-level SLR’s. Take a look at this story on MAKE! on how to add GPS to a nikon D200. Can geographic data on cell phones with GPS be far behind?

When you see what amazing things people are already doing with the data available on flickr (like the top 10 camera models and manufacturers), it makes you wonder what the future will hold.

Maybe an “uncommon-uses” post about flickr is in order, any suggestions?

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