The Consumer Isn't a Moron, She's Your Mum

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by: Alain Thys

Why do traditional marketers & media always think that it’s the “young” who make up the digital space and the “old” ones who watch TV?  That’s why I decided to check for a moment whether the surf, game and PVR behaviour of my parents and in-laws are anomalies or whether they are part of a broader movement.  In this process I found a few interesting bits of information.  They don’t constitute “scientific” proof, yet should make you think.


Did you know that the most subscribed to channel on YouTube is currently run by a 79 year old gentleman from the UK (thanks Stefan for the tip!)?  So why are most marketers only pointing their consumer generated efforts at twenty-somethings?

Media Switching

Another mind pusher is this graph I found on 20plus30 (which will soon be contributing to the Futurelab blog).  While not as wired as their 16 year old counterparts, about a third of 50+ year olds engage in more than just TV.


And finally, when it comes to gaming, have a look at this article from the BBC (also tip of the hat to 20plus30).


All to say that next time you think about that mediaplan for the “older demographic” it’s probably worthwhile to think beyond “old media”.  Your mum has evolved with the times you know.