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Nobody’s Watching is a sitcom that fell by the wayside 18 months ago when it didn’t get picked up by the TV networks. I first came across it on Digg a week ago. (If you haven’t already discovered it, Digg’s RSS feed of top stories is a manageable way to tap into it without getting deluged). I watched about 15 mins and it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad either and considering I’m not exactly the target demo, I can imagine it might hit the spot for some. Of course, now it’ll do way better than it otherwise might if only ‘cos of the buzz generated by its YouTube success. IMHO in future we’ll see what happened here impromptu happening more and more often deliberately - ie: pilots for new series will get shared online to see what level of interest is generated. Whether it be at YouTube or some other site, provided they’re all in one place, I imagine they’d attract quite an audience. Even though I don’t watch that much TV, I’d love to feel like a had a say in whether something got made / bought or not, even if it was only through voting. It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out. 

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