Exent's Tech Puts Ads in Old, Pirated Games

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by: Ilya Vedrashko

I'm not sure how exactly this works, but there's a new player on the in-game advertising field – Exent Technologies – that claims its technology can put ads in the games that are already on the market through either legitimate or pirate channels. Some bits from the press release:

  • The solution allows for the enablement of in-game ads without the need to access the video game's source code or any SDK integration.
  • Exent provides, through its patent-pending technology, the only solution that allows publishers to easily add in-game advertising capabilities at any stage of the product life cycle – during development, post-production and even after the games have been deployed and installed on users' machines.
  • Apply in-game advertising for games that were never equipped to have it enabled, even for games already purchased and used by consumers.
  • Identify pirated copies and create campaigns to salvage revenues from them, no matter how old the title is and when it is cracked.

Original Post: http://adverlab.blogspot.com/2006/05/exents-tech-puts-ads-in-old-pirated.html