by: David Armano

FunnelSeth Godin is known for many things—but his true gift is articulating thoughts in a clear and simplistic way.  That's why Flipping the Funnel Download flippingfunnelPRO.pdf —is such a rewarding read. 

Seth does a really nice job of capturing the strength of transforming consumers into active participants that can do a better job of marketing any product or service than most professionals.  The trick?  Get them engaged.  Seth Writes:

What if we flip the funnel and turn it into a megaphone?
What if you could figure out how to use the Internet to empower the people who like you, who respect you, who have a vested interest in your success? I call this group of people—your friends and prospects and customers who are willing to do this—your fan club.—"Turn strangers into friends.  Turn friends into customers.  And then... do the most important job: Turn your customers into salespeople."

Seth goes on to use interactive social networks such as Flickr, Squidoo, and blogging in general to illustrate his point.  So, he's essentially jumping on to the Word Of Mouth (WOM) bandwagon—which  is nothing new.  But he tells a story about it that is pure Godin.

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