Heineken Halts All TV Advertising

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by: Josh Hawkins

The Times Online UK reports today that Heineken has pulled its television ad budget after 30 years of broadcast advertising campaigns. It will redirect its marketing dollars towards point-of-sale promotions and event sponsorship.

Rob Marijnen, managing director of Heineken UK, said that a number of factors had prompted it to put its money elsewhere… “The enormously cluttered environment in TV ads makes it difficult to make standout ads… It’s also very expensive and it’s questionable as to its effectiveness.”

Mr Marijnen said that growing “media fragmentation” meant it was proving increasingly difficult to reach its core target market of 18 to 26 year olds in an effective way through television.

Heineken has been experimenting with original programming and short-form productions featured on niche cable networks like IFC and Sundance. Over the coming years, Heineken and other major brands may drift towards more targeted and measurable media experience, such as Internet TV and "third screen" marketing. These channels are becoming increasingly viable and potentially carrying a more attractive ROI than branded entertainment or event promotions.

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