I Want Kiefer's Phone

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by: Alain Thys

Even if you're someone like me who only watches TV when renting the series DVD, it's hard to escape the product placement which is re-appearing in TV shows these days.  Just think of the innovative way 24 seperated the good guys (using Apple) from the bad guys (using, well … you know).

So far, nothing new, as P&G has pioneered this type of placement decades ago.  Still, when it becomes really cool is when you combine these product placements with commerce opportunities on interactive TV. 

Interactive TV technology provider Goldpocket has announced technology which makes it relatively easy to enable viewers to actually point to that cool Apple or Samsung phone their favourite filmstar is using, review its features, and "click to buy".

OK, there will still be this small issue of sorting out the payment streams and delivery systems for shows which get rolled out globally, yet as a concept, this could turn TV into an interesting direct sales & distribution channel.

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