British Men at the Ironing Boards

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by: Alain Thys

Apparently 17% of British men regularly do the ironing at home, and if what I heard on the radio coming back from Düsseldorf is correct, brands are waking up to this new niche market.

According to the report, the male purchasing behaviour for ironing boards is substantially different from that of females.  Where women want to smoothly get rid of wrinkles in their clothing, men literally want to "obliterate" them.  Seek, find, destroy and then hit it once again with the iron for good measure.

This means that the new irons which are currently on the drawing boards will not only look sleek black and aluminium (in stead of pastel pink or green), yet also sacrifice smoothness for performance (while featuring macho names like "PowerSteam").

My wife already approves of the innovation 😉