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by: Sebastian Campion

An american woman recruited the biotech company Genetic Savings and Clone to clone her dead cat. The cat – which is said to be the first pet clone to be sold in the United States – was created using DNA taken from the Texas woman’s original pet, reports the Scotsman.

Aside from human cloning, which has been achieved only at the microscopic embryo stage, no cloning project has fuelled more debate than the marketing plans of Genetic Savings and Clone who now have 5 more cats on orders.

Cloning of animals is a procedure still in its infancy that can result in deformities and genetic abnormalities. Spending $50,000 puts this new cat at medical risk of dying, and it’s not only absurd, it’s unethical, sais David Magnus, an associate professor of paediatrics at Stanford University, said.

According to the happy catowner the cloned cat is identical with the original and its personality is the same.

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