Depressing Reading about the Increase in Disabilities in the 50-64 Year Age Group

“Trends in Disability and Related Chronic Conditions among People Ages Fifty To Sixty-Four “is a paper published by the RAND Corporation in the current edition of the Health Matters Journal.

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The Aging Chinese Marketplace: Lessons for Marketers

This is a subject that Kim Walker, the Asia Pacific 50-plus business expert, knows a lot about. Kim has contributed a chapter, about the ageing of the countries in Asia Pacific, in particular China, to the new version of my book that is being translated in Chinese for publication at the end of this year.

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Digital Inclusion at the Sharp End

This is a great video showing how older people can get online, with a bit of help.

In this case the video shows a group of people in Hackney, East London, who are clearly enjoying themselves and getting the skills to use the Internet. Well done Age Concern Hackney.

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Data on Household Expenditure Tells a Lot of Stories

I am never to sure about the accuracy of these stats, but they are the best (in terms of quality and breadth) that you are going to get in the UK. You will find it tucked away amongst a sea of other stats in this report from the Office of National Statistics.

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57Million iPhones Worldwide = Lots of 50-plus Users

Those of you who can remember the heady days of the era will know the name of Mary Meeker. She was guru, par excellence, about all things digital. Well she is still at it and has recently directed a study about the Mobile Internet for Morgan Stanley (Dec 15, 2009). She studied the rate of change spurred by the iPhone and all of the technologies and services it has spawned. Here is just one of her observations.

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Using Smartphones to Save Money on Instore Purchasing

Using the smartphone looks and ideal aid for older people looking to save money by extending comparison shopping into the instore arena.


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Where Do the 65+ Go Online

The secret is out. Most of them go nowhere and the rest go to just about the same place as you and me.

According to the NielsenWire Online, in the US the 65+ still make up less than 10% of the active Internet universe, although in the last five years their number has increased by more than 55%. Interestingly, the increase of women online has outpaced the growth of men by 6%.

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Designing Web Sites for Ageing Cavemen

As usual, Jakob Nielsen's December Alertbox newsletter contains some thought proving stuff.

It is all about short-term memory and web usability. The central thesis is that the brain is not optimised for the abstract thinking and memorising data that web sites often demand.

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The Reality of the Ageing Population

Drinking a cup of coffee (well that is what I ordered) I gazed around me and thought - crikey this is what the ageing population is all about. When I am speaking about the implications of the old outnumbering the young people it easy to forget the mundane like this scene where your fellow coffee drinkers are all 60-plus except of a single child and its mother. Welcome to ageing Britain.

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AARP's Lifetuner Project Is a Statement of Intent

At the end of October, AARP, the US organization that is all about the 50-plus, launched a Web site and online community designed for 25-to-34-year-olds. Weird or what. It is like Age UK launching a Web site targeted at teenagers. This is how the site describes itself.

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