How to Write a Business Plan: Ten Questions with Tim Berry

By: Guy Kawasaki

I work in the surreal world of Silicon Valley where venture capitalists fund companies based on PowerPoint pitches and executive summaries. My friend Tim Berry rightfully pointed that business plans still serve an important role in "the rest of the world."

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Need more Focus and Alignement in your Organization? How to Approach the 5 Strategy-Focused Organization Principles.

by: Alexander Osterwalder

In their 2001 book “The Strategy-Focused Organization” (SFO), the authors, Kaplan and Norton, refer to a survey made by management consultants which reports that fewer than 10% of effectively formulated strategies were successfully implemented. In a 1999 Fortune cover story they specify: “In the majority of the cases -we estimate 70%- the real problem [isn’t bad strategy], […] but bad execution.”

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Why You Need Marketing Operations

by: Jon Miller

Modern B2B marketing requires a new set of "left-brained" skills, including:

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User Experience Building Blocks

by: David Armano

Here is a simple exercise.  Don't overthink this one.  Let's say you've completed the strategy phase, you've briefed the team, you've found that core insight and you have a concept that you are ready to execute against.  Before you site down and put that mouse to work—take a step back and think of the experience you are about to architect and design.  Think of it as a house.

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Innovation + Execution = Profit

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What's The Big Execution?

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The Art of Execution

by: Guy Kawasaki

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