According a research made by Oxford University – employees are 13% more productive when they are happy. Many companies have already understood this and have started to focus more of their efforts to keep the employee satisfaction score high. Regular team and company meetings, honest conversations, recognized progress, encouraged breaks and time off – all these are just some of the used methods.

However, making your current employees happy is not enough. Especially for companies, which need to attract new team members. When you hire a new employee, you potentially can change the whole team. Because this individual comes not only with his or her skills, but also with a unique spirit. For this reason, it is extremely important that your new employees are not only professionals, but that they also fit your company culture and recognize your mission and vision as their own.

Here are a couple of tips how you can achieve that:

  1. Start by attracting candidates to an employee community, not to a job. People usually are attracted by concrete role. But they want also to join an organization they feel a shared alignment and purpose with.
  2. Make your career page unique. This is the page your future candidates usually see first, so make sure that your mission and vision are clearly shown on it.
  3. Engage actively with your potential team members. All companies use emails or phone calls. Be po-active and find other potential platforms to communicate and give them feedback. One such platform is the SMS. Remember that engaged teams show 21% greater profitability.


These tips are inspired by an infographic, originally published on the blog of LiveHire.