What happens when marketing becomes a part of, or eclipses, the product? In a world were products and brands become more and more similar, will products end up as commodities, as invitations in to differentiating services and added value offered through the marketing relationship? And how will this affect marketing?

A couple of days ago I was asked by Caleb Kramer (@calebkramer) about the inspiration behind my presentation When the Marketing Becomes the Product, this is an extended version of my response.

First, the presentation, from slideshare.net.

And these thought leaders are the main inspiration behind the presentation.

1. Purple Cow by Seth Godinon merging conversations with products


2. Baked In by Bogusky and Winsor – on merging marketing with


3. Russel Davies – on real life


4. Clay Shirky – on culture and habits


5. Rafi Halidjan – on interaction without screens



Rafi Haladjian "Let ALL things be connected"... de liftconference

6. Jeffrey Cole (USC Annenberg) – on the transformational effect of online


7. Jan Chipcase – on anthropology


8. Kevin Kelly – on technology


9. Kevin Slavin – big inspiration, disrupting the common mindset on digital on an almost daily basis 

10. Matt Jones – immaterials and a larger perspective


11. Timo Arnall – on touch and the physical connection between digital and the real world

12. Tom Himpe – on the future of advertising


13. Adrian Ho – on the relationship ( or difference ) between services thinking and advertising


In addition to all these resources, there is also the way I think about the way I think:

1. I’ve always had an interest in connecting ideas, trying to understand why things that might seem unrelated, at some level is. Reading stuff on the fringes of what we do, and trying to understand this in the context of what we do has brought about several insights.

2. Ideas in digital, marketing, media, branding etc. is similar to ideas in science: We only know it hasn’t been proven wrong yet. As Steve Jobs put it: the world today is what it is because people no smarter than us said it was so. Knowing we could change that is an immensely powerful idea. I challenge everything because an idea is just a product of someone's thinking (not a godly intervention), and today we might be fifty or a hundred years on from when it was originally thought. Which means we should have great respect for the original thinking, but we, in many instances – and especially media and technology, live in completely different times.

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