Thanks to Liz Danzico for pointing at designer Tony Chu's response to an answer posted on Quora by Mike Sellers explaining some common blind spots for first time entrepreneurs. Mike's answers in bold, Tony's response in italics.


An idea is not a design, 

but it is an invitation to a journey.

A design is not a prototype, 

but it is a plan for moving forward.

A prototype is not a program, 

but it is a test for your assumptions.

A program is not a product, 

but it is a milestone towards progress.

A product is not a business, 

but it is the first fruit of an idea.

A business is not profits, 

but it is a team behind your back.

Profits is not an exit, 

but it is validation of your work.

And an exit is not happiness, 

but happiness is not a destination.

Happiness is a journey.

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