I totally agree with the conclusions of this article that Apple products are and will continue to be popular with older people. I don’t agree with the rationale for reaching this conclusion.

The author is basically saying that older people buy Apple products because the want to be ‘hip’ and this gives them an easy way of achieving this goal. Here are some of the quotes:

Apple's products have a near monopoly over the technology buying senior citizen demographic.

Although many are shy about getting their feet wet with technology, many like the idea of technology and realize the practical usefulness of it. The iPhone is the perfect opportunity for the baby boomer generation to stay hip and current.

I think this is being both patronizing to older people and to Apple.

The reason why so many people use all of the Apple products is that they are brilliant products. The reason they use the iPhone is the same as why it is the most successful of all the smart devices. When it was launched and even now it is the best.

What a strange argument that buying the best of breed product is in someway strange.

What the author totally misses out on is the way that Apple, especially with the iPad, has made the connection between the user and the application that much easier. That much enjoyable and that much more fun.

Right conclusion – wrong reasons.

Original Post: http://20plus30.blogspot.com/2011/02/why-apple-is-baby-boomer-stock.html

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