Sit back, point your browser to this link and watch the webinar from Nielsen about what 2011 and beyond holds in store for us marketers.

Very, very interesting.

I have been crowing on about a future trend that I have called ultra-fragmentation of markets.

The start of Nielsen’s presentation and a theme that runs throughout the session is what they call Polarization of markets.

There has always been a spectrum of consumer income/wealth but what I (and Nielsen) are suggesting is that this is going to become more extreme – the bit in the middle is going to shrink/disappear.

If I am right then this will have massive implications for companies irrespective of the age groups they target.

The Nielsen webinar covers a lot of other good stuff, like the fact that women will control 12 of the 18 trillion of global spending. Forget if the numbers are correct. Undoubtedly the role of women as determiners of purchasing is increasing and increasing.

Go and make yourself a coffee and listen to the session.

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