If you’re a Flipboard user like me, you probably appreciate the ability of this remarkable iPad application to turn Twitter and Facebook feeds into a quite readable magazine. But you may also have wondered how you can tweak it to become even more relevant. 

After all, subscribing to a list of Tweeters with an interest in vintage clothing, does get you updates on that rare outfit by Chanel, yet also about the fact that a Tweeter’s dog has done doodoo on the carpet.

If you’re into marketing, (customer) strategy, innovation or design, we've decided to lend you a hand. From today the @Futurelab Twitter account will focus exclusively on re-tweeting recommended reads and remarkable comments from an ever expanding list of Twitterati.

All tweets will be Flipboard compliant (no Flash , passwords, …) and will be selected using the usual Futurelab quality criteria. Our preliminary goal is to provide you with about 8-10 articles a day, so every day you can have an informative breakfast.

So if you're pressed for time, we'd suggest that @Futurelab is the only (Flipboard) feed you need to read.

Oh yes, you can obviously also just follow us on your regular Twitter client (something we’d appreciate you do anyway ;-)

Happy reading!!

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