Way back in 2005, I came across a blog. Not just any blog—it was called "The Social Customer Manifesto". I found it to be so interesting and compelling, that it was one of the first blogs I left a comment on (I had mostly been a passive observer prior to this).

Five years later and I feel like I've come full circle as the author of that blog (who I've come to know), Chris Carfi has joined Edelman — the company I work for. In his honor, I thought I'd write a short post, flipping his model of a manifesto from the customer, to the business. Enjoy and welcome Chris!

  • We will no longer view you as "consumers". Instead, you are co-creators, participants, and advocates.
  • We will actively listen, and participate authentically because we know you demand nothing less.
  • We will meet you on your terms, not ours.
  • We will provide value, not noise.
  • We will evolve our workforce to meet the changing demands of a networked economy.
  • We will focus on your needs vs. our messages.
  • We will build relationships that connect us in ways where we all benefit.
  • We will act ethically and transparently, because it's no longer a choice.
  • We will respond to changes quickly—we will adapt.
  • We will move forward with you, not without you, because you are our future.

Welcome aboard Chris! Let the Karaoke begin. :-)

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