Adding Another Lifestream to My Social System

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by: David Armano

Macro is the new micro.

What I mean with this is that as we move to new technologies which allow for more micro-interactions (tiny, immediate, real time exchanges which act as the building blocks of an entire experience) it becomes more essential to think about our social system as a whole. I’ve been putting off adopting microblogging services such as Tumblr until I could figure out how they would fit into my own system.

Recently, I’ve decided to adopt Posterous as an addition to my social system—something I intend to maintain. You can view my Posterous here. What’s great about the lifestream aggregation service is how easily and rapidly it federates media across your entire system, integrating much of if from mobile initiated devices such as simple e-mail. For example, you can e-mail a mobile produced video from the service and within minutes it is posted in multiple places (in the correct format) such as YouTube and Flickr. The service is so simple, it has an Apple like design quality to it.

It just works.

So there are no big announcements here—I’m not giving up on blogging as some have, nor will I ever tie myself to one technology. Posterous will meet my needs to share thoughts while I am on the go. If you find these thoughts interesting or valuable, you’ll find time to digest it. If not, you wont. I do like where the direction of services like this is going. They combine speed with ease and link social interactions directly to other popular networks such as Twitter and Facebook. In other words, it puts you in multiple streams as fast as you can think it. And nowadays, the battle for time and attentions is in the stream. Hope you’ll add my newest addition to my social system to yours.

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