All a Twitter

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by: John Winsor

I’ve been fascinated the past couple of weeks by all of the buzz around Twitter. John Stewart had a pretty funny segment about Twitter, while Roland Hedley on Doonesbury has been having some fun with it. Celebrities seem to be getting into the swing of things, as well, with Shaq and Aston Kutcher leading the way.

I’ve been playing around with Twitter (you can find me at @jtwinsor) and am finding it pretty useful as a research tool. Once you have enough followers, it’s great to launch questions out and get killer thoughts and ideas back. Tools like Tweetdeck, Twitter Search, Twitterfeed and Twitterfall make it an even more powerful tool. While it’s not for everyone (fellow CPBer Alex Bogusky has signed off) and might not be for me, in the long run, it’s fascinating to watch a group form around a new media channel. The social boundaries and rules are fluid.

It will be interesting to see how all of this sorts out.

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