by: Matt Rhodes

This week some required reading for the team at FreshNetworks has been this set of slides from John V Willshire at PHD Media, that he presented at the APA’s ‘Future of Advertising in One Afternoon’ conference.

This is a great set of slides that look at how the changes in the media landscape are changing the role of advertising and creativity. And how the advertising industry should make the most of this opportunity. The presentation paints a clear picture showing how things have changed and what this means. Looking at the change from a Pre-Industrial to an Industrial society, and then to the Network society we have today and explaining this as a shift in terms of communications from a very localised, face-to-face relationship, through mass-media to an anytime, anywhere communications style.

This change is significant and important, in the context of online communities and social media we can also add: ‘anybody’. With these tools, anybody can communicate with anybody else, at anytime and anywhere. We are no longer constricted by the need to be local and to know people personally to be able to share ideas or to communicate with them. We’re seeing some real changes in marketing, customer engagement and market research based on this change and these opportunities.

This presentation shows how similar changes are being taken advantage of by the advertising industry too. It’s best if you watch it with the sound on.

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