New Rules for Developing Brand Identity Considering Social Media

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by: Karl Long

I was inspired to write this after seeing the amazing case study from the team that worked on the Obama identity, which could well become one of the most iconic identities in our time. What struck me was the approach was less like the classic ‘brand as a monolith’ strategy, and much more ‘brand as a canvas’. Deliberate or not, the brand gained it’s own life in social media as people took it and mashed it up.

In a prior life I worked on several brand identity projects, and I learned a lot about the value of creating a true identity, as opposed to a Logo. I also learned a lot about the ideas behind branding, where it came from, and how it eveolved into the discipline it has, I was even inspired to put this presentation together called A Brief History of Branding (download the pdf ) to try and put into context where branding as a discipline came from (hint industrial revolution, broadcast media, mass production and mass markets. Needless to say with the changes that the internet and social media has wrought branding as a discipline might need to re-evaluate it’s methods and gospel.

Here’s the teams blog post

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