by: Scott Goodson

Someone sent me a direct Tweet today asking "what are the essentials of a lasting client and agency relationship in these new economic times?"

I don't think they've changed much from the advice Mary Wells wrote about in her famous book about account management.

My list includes:

- Honesty. Whatever happens, client and agency, need to tell each other the truth.

- Trust and mutual forgiving of mistakes, which are unavoidable on both sides.

- Absence of fear. Nobody can produce great work, under a Damocles sword.

- Acknowledgment of jobs well done.

- Mutual agreement that carrots produce largely better and more work.

- Openness from wherever ideas come from. They often come from the client.

- Close involvement at the top of client and agency. The big picture must constantly be clear to everybody.

- Nobody is permitted to waver in the belief of the essential values of the brand.

- Try to always bring fresh perspective to the table.

- A sense of humor, which allows both sides to have as much fun as possible, in the interest of outstanding commitment and work.

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