Branding Only Works on Cattle – Introducing Jonathan Salem Baskin

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by: Alain Thys

Branding Only Works on Cattle. It’s not only the title of our latest contributor’s book, but something we wholeheartedly believe in here at Futurelab. So when Jonathan Salem Baskin opened up his Dim Bulb blog for republication, we jumped at the occasion. Not because it looks good to have a branding guru on our books, but because he’s got quite some sensible things to say as well (and we recommend you hearing them 🙂 )..

In short, Jonathan holds the opinion that the days of traditional branding are over. Instead of mindlessly spending millions on TV or other media, brands need to target what consumers actually do. Based on this they can start affecting behaviour via marketing communications, distribution strategies or customer service. That way a new type of branding can be born.  

Interesting Trivia: Futurelab contributor danah boyd has also contributed to Jonathan’s latest book.