What Does a Business Do?

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by: Sigurd Rinde

Or rather what does it deliver?

Yesterday’s post was inspired by a call for help – "A Solution to My Solution Issue, Please" – prompted by a corporate discussion of whether being in the business of "products" or "solutions" was the right concept.

Once upon the time business

supplied products.

Simple, but perhaps a bit limiting.

Then the ten-rules-to-success and seven-steps-to-bliss management book crowd suggested that being in the business of solutions would be better.

And it was sticky. Now most are in the business of

supplying solutions.

I, respectfully of course, think this is still too limiting.

As argued before here, here and here – it equals to embracing the known instead of the unknown. And it is in the unknown that the future lies – thus another concept holding us back.

Why mess it up, why not stick to the core of any basic strategy? The very simple notion that a business is supposed to

deliver a value.

Current problems, future problems, new ways, joy and happiness and any jumping of the curve for your customers is covered. Limitless.

That’s what business is all about. Delivering value.

Please. I want that. Value. Whatever it is.

I do value more things than just having my problems solved.