Organisational Chart

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by: Sigurd Rinde

If the janitor tell us to use the blue door, not the red one, followed by a clear and compelling reason (no stairs, a four floor drop behind the red door), we’ll follow the advice without a second thought.

That’s how clear and compelling our company strategists shall be in their message.

If it’s been snowing all night, a half eye out the window gets me going, shower will have to wait – out I go shovel in hand.

That’s how my tasks should be received, as timely and clearly as a snowfall. No need to be told.

And I’m ready, the garage have tools for handling snowfalls, icy patches and the grass growing. Having some experience I’ve even got a leaf blower and battery charger.

That’s how my working environment should be, easily accessible tools for all my needs.

To get anything done, to run my life, to participate in business I need three things:

– a reason
– a task
– tools and the right environment

Or in practice, in a business you need:

– People that will get the strategy right, just like any other task in the company, like the janitor keeping the driveway free from snowdrifts. An important task just like the clean driveway, otherwise the company will stop to a grinding halt.

– A well thought-out task distribution system that simply works. Tasks available to the right person at the right time. Just like water in the kitchen and electricity to the computers, not ad-hoc delivered by water-buckets, voltage-spikes or managers.
The task of "well thinking-out" is also called Business Modeling, a task in itself, a daily one so the business can get better at creating value and keep some for itself.

– People that will apply their experience for the benefit of others so that the right tools are available when needed and that the environment is the best possible at all times. A job we’ll all pitch in at over time.

Note the lack of organisational hierarchies, charts and managers in the above set-up…