by: Dominic Basulto

Largely as an outgrowth of client work over the past quarter, I've put together a brief overview of four business trends that are worth keeping an eye on over the remainder of 2008:

(1) Social Data
(2) Micro-Payments for Online Social Experiences
(3) Content Mashups
(4) "Live" experiences (that really aren't "live")

The "social data" trend is one that I think is completely off the radar of many people, but this is a concept that continues to come up in different projects that I've worked on over the past six months - including a data visualization project for a huge financial services company and a website re-design for a multi-billion-dollar information/data provider. Of course, Google has already jumped into the "social data" game, with the acquisition of Gapminder. (Think about it -- Google could have the ability to sell ads against not only text, but also data!). Even the U.S. Census Bureau, I think, has started to "open" up its huge data collection to the online world.

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