Avis: Showing the ROI on Social Media Marketing

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by: Mark Rogers

A lot of brands are dipping their toes into social media marketing. They naturally want to know what ROI they can expect. For that reason we are delighted that our client Avis UK has gone public with the results of their 2 year experiment in monitoring and responding to online conversations. They are experiencing double digit growth in a sector (car rental) that is growing at 1% per annum.

They attribute much of this to their online activity, which shows that social media marketing can have a direct impact on ROI (details here). Kudos to Xavier Vallée, Rob White and their colleagues and thanks to our partners at Web Liquid – Avis’s digital agency.

Original Post:  http://www.marketsentinel.com/blog/2008/03/avis-showing-the-roi-on-social-media-marketing