Web 2.0 Is Velcro

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by: David Armano

From my latest contribution to Advertising Age:

"Velcro, as we all know, is a simple and effective invention that has permeated millions of products and replaced more antiquated ways of making things stick. The science of Velcro is simple. One side of the material is composed of thousands of tiny "hooks," while the other side is made of just as many "loops. When the hooks engage with the loops, they stick. When pulled apart, they un-stick. There’s a reason why millions of children’s footwear has been replaced with this material — it’s effective, easy to use and it works.

And that’s why Web 2.0 is Velcro. Marketers, designers and developers alike are scrambling to figure how two things:

1. What are the viral "hooks" that capture people’s attention?
2. What are the viral "loops," which create infinite engagement that spreads like wildfire? "

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