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I got to listen to Michael Eisner rehearse yesterday and enjoyed it a great deal. His first point is that the killer app is creative storytelling. Long relationship between storytelling and emerging technologies. Storytelling is an emotional experience and there's no better way to connect with consumers.

At the '39 World's Fair, the NY Times said that the average American family doesn't have time to focus on TV. Youtube is to the internet as the old nickelodeon was to movies. It isn't enough to just tell stories, they have to be highly creative. Need to take better advantage of community opportunities of the internet. As he's exploring, there are a few consistent

  • Define the size of the box, the financial decisions that you make based on what you're going to spend and make back. Interesting that he started with the financial constraints.
  • Micromanagement. If the CEO of Disney doesn't stoop to pick up paper on the ground, no one else will. He's a big fan of micromanagement. Talked about how they made "Raiders of the Lost Ark" within the budget parameters and how that enhanced the movie. I've actually heard this from several other people, so maybe there's something to this theory!

    There's nothing as valuable as a trusted brand. Showing painting Sunday in the Park that shows how it's all the tiny dots of the painting make up the full picture. That's the importance of every touchpoint of a brand.

    The internet won't render previous forms of entertainment obsolete. Internet users will stay with a story as long as it goods. They're getting ready to launch a prequel for a new Robin Cook novel called Foreign Body that focuses on the dark side of medical tourism. They'll run 50 episodes in the 50 days before the book launches. Well produced content that looks good.

    He ended with something that we say all the time -- Everyone loves a great story.

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