Human Nature Will Drive the End of Advertising as We Know It

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by: Scott Goodson

Anthropologists will tell you that small human behaviors are the key to understanding a society. Where will our society go with all this new technology in the hands of millions and millions and millions of people worldwide? On my way up to the StrawberryFrog’s penthouse today on Madison ave, I noticed something that, at least in my mind, gives us a clue.

Ever noticed how the elevator button ‘open’ is always pristine?

And the ‘close’ button is always broken, dirty or worn out?

This says a lot to me. It says people for the most part, are impatient and they want what they want when they want it.

So, given the opportunity for people to use technology to get what they want when they want it, I think the old model of waiting for content and programming is probably over. And with it the old industry of producing 30 second TV commercials, no matter how big or expensive or dramatic they are. Bruce Willis taught us that blockbuster movies were, at one time, big business. But thesedays they are no longer something to bank on.

What does an elevator button mean for the marketing departments of Guinness, Sony, adidas, Budwiser who stake their financial success on huge big budget TV spots? The door may be closing fast.

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