Idea: Remote Control Jammer Chip Activated by Commercials

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by: Ilya Vedrashko

Imagine this. You send out a bunch of promo stuff: schwag, catalogs, merchandise. Every item is equipped with a small chip. Next, you create a TV commercial and insert an "inaudible 200MHz molecular vibration sound mat". When you run the spot on TV, the inaudible signal activates the chip, which in turn jams the signal from your remote control blocking people from switching channels. When your commercial stops playing, the remote goes back to normal.

Welcome The XV2083 Remote Control Jammer. The video is below.

Too bad it ain’t a real product, but a campaign by a communications agency. Very convincing, though. The next version of the chip should also emit signals that block microwave ovens and suppress bathroom urges.

It’s not entirely science fiction, though. Here’s a video of a working TV remote jammer and instructions for building one, and a diagram: