When Everyone Is Shouting, Consumers Adjust Their Volume Control

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by: Idris Mootee

has been a  busy but productive week and I am now working on updating
my slides for the second  presentation which I will post here tomorrow.
Next week we will get deeper into how brands are built and how to
manage brand meanings. I do look forward to more great feedback from
you guys. Here it is for today, two ads by Wieden + Kennedy, London, UK , one of my favorite agencies (Executive CD is Tony Davidson).
“Everyone needs a volume control, when you shout everyday, and make
everything catastrophe, no one will hear you even when you have
something important to say”, that’s pretty much the state of the media
and the same can be said about brands.

Original Post: http://mootee.typepad.com/innovation_playground/2007/09/when-everyone-i.html