Office Influentials

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by: David Armano

"When you think “social media” a few names and images come to mind. You might think of Robert Scoble who is essentially a “Weblebrity” or Jeff Jarvis who leveraged his blog to amplify his gripes with Dell’s customer service creating “Dell Hell”. But there’s a new reality that’s much less dramatic and becoming more pervasive if not mainstream in the modern day office. Some of your employees may be leading double lives which often blurs the lines between personal and career—they are “super-connecters” who leverage social media tools to amplify their communications and conversations with hundreds and possibly thousands of people across the globe…

Masters in the Art of Improvisation
If you find that you have one or more people like this in your organization, what you need to understand is that they are self-teaching themselves skills that are incredibly effective in a digital world. For one, it’s likely that an experienced office influential who communicates regularly through multiple social touch points have become comfortable with the art of nimble, less formal conversations."
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