by: Alain Thys

Now here's a green programme that's pragmatic, inspiring and at the same time simple enough that it could make consumers care.  In 2008, the French supermarket Casino intends to label its products according to their eco-friendliness.  The move follows an earlier announcement by Britain's Tesco who will start tracking the CO2 footprint of its products.

Still, the French intend to up the ante, by going beyond CO2.  For up to 3,000 products in its range, Casino will provide information on the amount of packaging that is used, the amount of waste that is generated and the distance the product has travelled (see copy of draft label below).

And to indicate that Casino also intends to act if the eco-footprint stops making sense, they are discontinuing the sale of the codfish which had to travel 27,000 kilometers to end up on the French consumer's dish.

I like what I see :-)

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