Dove Spot Hits Digg Front Page

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by: Ilya Vedrashko

Today a site dominated by male geeks discusses a commercial designed for women as the new Dove Onslaught spot hits Digg's front page:  "I don't get it… aren't Dove products beauty products? Aren't they shooting themselves in the foot? *confused*"

Which kind of sums up this recent article in AdAge:

"As Dove's widely lauded Campaign for Real Beauty enters its fourth year, the results aren't looking so pretty anymore. After two years of double-digit sales growth and share gains, Dove's sales have abruptly slowed. That raises the question of whether the campaign, hailed as one of the most courageous creative breakthroughs in recent years, went a step too far in embracing aging in all its naked, wrinkled and sagging glory."

Or this one in Slate two years ago:

"But there's a dirty little secret here. Because, in the end, you simply can't sell a beauty product without somehow playing on women's insecurities. If women thought they looked perfect—just the way they are—why would they buy anything?"

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