Personal Entry: Pre-Alpha

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by: C. Sven Johnson

While reading something yesterday concerning marketing in virtual worlds I resisted the urge to comment. Last night and again early this morning, I further resisted the temptation to post something here regarding what I’d read. And I’m now resisting the urge to slip something in. I won’t.

The only thing I’m going to say is that my internalized exasperation and an upcoming meeting with an old acquaintance with whom I expect to discuss the topic, really got me thinking.

Consequently, in pseudo stream-of-consciousness style, I posted some entries on Twitter to help me retain some of what was going through my mind. It’s not intended to make sense to anyone but me, but because I don’t trust Twitter to retain those entries, I’m going to add them here.

  • Grid of grids. Reverse product placement. Grendel. Global warming. Freak wave. Social genetics. Narrative structure. Steampunk. Simulation.
  • The Accomplice. Peer-to-peer. WOM. Reputation. Fab-on-demand. Education. Branding. Religion. Nano-assembly. Avatar portability. Legalities.
  • New Rose Hotel. Networks. Freakonomics. Goth fashion. Everyware. Regrind. ecoToroid. Uncanny valley. Imperialism. (D)esign. Diamond Age.
  • Niche markets. Synthetic organisms. Apple fanatics. Synchronicity. Outback. Carbon footprints. Information dissemination. Security. Relic.
  • CATIA SubD’s. Shenzhen. Minority Report. Pre-print-on-demand. Virtual history. Bottom-up product development. Swamp surfing. Tachyons.
  • Gate crashers. Augmented reality overlays. Control. Sample clan paparazzi. Liquid armor. Termites. Online advertising. Social skin. B-Indy.
  • Packet networks. Goreans. Photosynth. Wii. Fab Labs. LittleBigPlanet. Flat Earth. Bragg vs. Linden Lab. Disassembled. Open Courseware.
  • Dark City. Reactable. Sachiko Kodama. Dexter. Cavitating projectiles. Threadless. Blackmarket organs. Sam3D. Indian silks. OLPC. Convergence.
  • Etsy. Bina Akhter. Micro-finance. Wind- and wave-power. Kirkyan. $1.00/day. Simplify tooling and add labor. Water purification systems. …

    Reviewing the above items, I’m realizing I’ve neglected some music-related entries. That’s embarrassing considering how important music is to my thinking on these issues. So here are a few related things:

  • Die Warzau. Machina II. R.E.M. Wax cylinders. Dvořák. New Orleans. Moby. Void Rock. Bowie. Monophona. Voice Recognition Test. 37 Cycles.
  • HMV HK. Peter Murphy. The Coca-Cola Kid. Frippertronics. Karma to Burn. 2112. Guitar Hero. Derek Hess. Recoil. Jane Siberry.

    Good enough.

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