Media buyers take note – the 50-plus are watching more films

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by: Dick Stroud

Cinema audiences are still predominantly young with nearly half of filmgoers under the age of 25 but older viewers are a significant number and becoming more significant. The number of people aged 45 and over attending the cinema has doubled from 19 million a decade ago to 38 million last year.

The rise in older audiences at the cinema is mirrored by a “much older profile” for films shown on television with 16% of the audience being under 25, and 56% being 45+.

These are the films with an above-average audience in the 55+ age group, 2006 in the list of the UK's Top 20 films.

The article in The Telegraph has a lot more on this subject. If you want to access the data the latest version of the UK Film Council Statistical Handbook is published online.

This analysis is great but I just wish The Film Council would stop lumping all people over the age of 55 years old together.

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